Sunday, May 6, 2012

ABRSM Exam Week Spring 2012 Day 4/5, And Wrapping Up

Day 4 was just one of those days. They happen. A few candidates just crawled through their exams, for reasons unknown, and we fell...behind.

Lipscomb University so graciously hosted us, and kudos and thanks to them. I made use of two stewards, Rachel and Mia, who did yeoman service keeping things going as best they could. But, in the end, it was just one of those days.

We made up for it with Carol joining us and a new arrival from England--a piano and flute teacher with an LRSM and CTABRSM behind her name--for Chinese dinner nearby. We made a new friend and colleague, and the day seemed less futile.

Friday was a travel day to Lake Guntersville, Alabama, for the first-ever ABRSM exams to be held in Alabama at Lake Guntersville Music Academy. Exams were held on Saturday. Things could not have gone more smoothly, and our hosts Keith and Karla Sullivan were lovely.

I trained a new steward, and hired her on the spot for next fall at day's end.

The day ended with Richard Storry speaking with a group of about fifteen teachers, parents and students. He was charming and informative, and the group was great to be with. It's inspiring, especially,  to be around parents who 'get it', who understand good music training is so important to a child's entire lifetime; and are willing to spend the money, put miles on the car, and invest the hours to make sure their children have this opportunity.

Keith and Karla recommended Lake Guntersville State Park as our place to stay for the weekend, and we were not disappointed. Beautiful lodge with views of the lake, with a friendly staff who were fascinated by Richard's London accent. We, for our part, enjoyed the Alabama accent, especially its treatment of the word 'right'. It sounds approximately like this: rrrRRaaaaaaAGHHhhhhhhht.

At the end of a visit, the examiner hands off the results of the week's work to the representative--mark sheets carefully hand-written in duplicate and exam rosters in duplicate. The rep gets to go home and sort them, making sure the bits that go back to the applicants (usually the teacher) are safely mailed, and the bits that go to ABRSM are shipped off. It's tedious--Rachel, my Nashville steward, helped out, blessedly. So, all is underway.

Richard rejoins us in Louisville in early June, and we'll see what manner of adventures he has had in Chicago, Madison, Atlanta, and other far-flung places in the US.

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